OCSEA supports NO vote on Mount Vernon charter

Posted: Sep. 28, 2018

OCSEA members who live in Mount Vernon, Ohio are encouraging their neighbors and fellow union members to vote NO on an initiative to turn their city government into a charter commission.

Politics appear to be behind the move to try to take over the local government by changing the rules of the game. If the proposal goes through this November, a charter commission would be tasked with framing a city charter laying out how Mount Vernon should be governed.

Proponents say a charter would let Mount Vernon residents have more say in how government operates. But in reality, a charter government can be less accountable to taxpayers, since the mayor or elected officials can have little say about how government is run.

Additionally, charter commissions could create their own rules that would be bad for workers, such as a Right to Work ordinance, or other initiatives that would damage middle class families.  

OCSEA is encouraging a NO vote on the Mount Vernon charter commission.