Right to Work hearing sees major opposition

This lame duck session, it's business as usual at the Ohio Statehouse, with many lawmakers ending their terms pushing through legislation before the session ends.

OCSEA members response to anti-union mailers: TRASH IT

Across the OCSEA members are trashing anti-union fliers being mailed to their homes. And better yet, some are returning the mailers with a very stern message: “I’m sticking with my union, no matter what!”

Take a stand against Union-busting campaigns

Groups funded by millionaires and billionaires, like the Buckeye Institute here in Ohio, are hell-bent on destroying public sector unions and the good public services OCSEA members do.

Those behind Janus aim to destroy public services

While we will not know the outcome or the true impact of Janus v. AFSCME Right to Work U.S. Supreme Court case, one thing we do know is that this national attack is part of a greater scheme.