Election To Do List

Election season is here! Take a few moments to check some tasks off of your election season to-do list.

Register to vote by Oct. 5

Not sure if you're registered to vote? Double check. Register or update your information before the Oct. 5 deadline.

Hatched? Here's how you can participate

Want to know what you can (and can’t) do under the Little Hatch Act? Read more about your rights when it comes to participating this election season.

Ohio needs poll workers

America is facing a poll worker shortage. Sign up to be a poll worker at PowerthePolls.org.

Protect the right to vote. Protect the Postal Service

The USPS is warning states it may not be able to deliver General Election ballots in time based on current election rules. This comes amid massive federal cuts impacting tens of thousands of USPS union members.

Are you about to be purged?

Could you be purged from Ohio's voter registration rolls? Check Ohio's Registration Readiness database to make sure your registration is not at risk.

Federal funding is essential to saving public services

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting recession are wreaking havoc on state governments; states are facing massive revenue shortfalls, significantly impacting budgets and their abilities to provide crucial services. Federal funding is needed.