OCSEA activist pushes power of Get Out the Vote

Posted: Oct. 15, 2020

For OCSEA activist Troy Fowler, a union member at the Bureau of Workers' Compensation, voting is the most essential role of each and every American citizen. That's why he has been proud to put his face on a movement that is encouraging Ohioans to exercise their right to vote and let their voices #BeHeard.

#BeHeard is a non-partisan voting effort led by the non-profit Columbus Harmony Project. Troy is proud to be one of the faces of the #BeHeard initiative, which includes a several-story billboard in downtown Columbus, featuring Troy from head to toe. He is also one of the spotlights on the initiative's website and in social media campaigns.

The Harmony Project's mission is to build a more inclusive society by breaking down social barriers, bridging community divides, and empowering the voices of the people through arts, education, and volunteerism. "Harmony is about empowering voices. We believe voting is the ultimate voice amplifier. By voting, you add your voice to the chorus of history," says the Harmony Project about the campaign. Learn more about the #BeHeard project at HarmonyProject.com/beheard.

Troy got involved in the important project through his wife, Tasha, who is a member of Harmony Project.

"The time is now. It’s in our hands. Our votes have consequences," said Troy, who encourages Ohioans to get out and vote early now, and take someone with you. "Pick a day. Grab your parents. Grab your kids. Democracy is on our shoulders," he says.

Troy says, personally, he is heading to the polls, because he believes in the power of education and the fight for civil rights. "Economic disparities are tied to what we’re seeing today and the lack of leadership. Unemployment and technical disparities for people of color are putting us at a disadvantage, primarily in urban communities. This is detrimental to giving people hope," said Troy.

"Growth and change require action. Voting is one of the strongest civil actions we can take. It’s time our voices are heard at the voting booth,” said Troy, a proud father and mentor.

Troy is currently employed with the Ohio BWC as an Underwriter Employer Analysis & Programs. He started his educational career at Central State University in Wilberforce, Ohio and graduated with a B.A in Risk Management & Insurance from Franklin University in Columbus. He is currently working to complete his M.S. in Business Psychology at Franklin University. He is a 2020 recipient of an OCSEA Les Best Member Scholarship and is a strong proponent of the Union Education Trust, the union educational benefit.

In addition to his involvement with the Columbus Harmony Project, Be Heard Movement, Troy is very active around Columbus in programs such as Westerville Share Bac A Pac, City Year of Columbus, AAMWW, Vineyard Community Outreach, African American Male Wellness Walk, Operation FEED, Faith Mission, Black Lives Matter, Black Folk Must Vote, and We the People-Brothers and Sisters Keepers United Group.

At BWC, Troy has served as OCSEA CCC Co-chair numerous times. He is also a founding member of the BWC Black Employer Resource Group (BERG) that contributes to the agency’s mission, vision, and core values by creating and supporting a culture of inclusion, education, professional development, and equity. He is an active participant in leadership development programs such as How the Business Works, Management Partnerships, and Transitioning into Leadership.

Troy's mantra: "Stay attentive to your body of work. Enduring alertness in knowing the canvas of life can transform. It is all about the colors found in the experiences and shifts to illustrate beauty. Your showing will have only one patron, God. And only he will determine whether you have delivered a masterpiece worthy of placement within his heavenly gallery."