Today is Election Day - Vote Union!

Today's Election Day! Will you be a union voter?

Electing our bosses. Why it matters!

Ohio’s state employees have the unique opportunity to cast ballots for their employers, including the state’s highest positions like Governor, Treasurer, Auditor, Attorney General and Secretary of State.

Be a Union Voter!

We know a lot of people don’t like to “talk politics.” But to be painfully truthful, public employment and public services are defined by our elected leaders.

Election Night Watch Party

Come to OCSEA for an Election Night Watch Party!

Get out the vote for Union-friendly candidates

We're at a crossroads, and union voters can make all the difference. Volunteer Now!

Get out the Vote for CD 12 on Monday Nov. 5

Mark your calendars! Union activists will gather for a very special event on Monday, Nov. 5 to get out the vote in Congressional District 12.


    Last full week of Early Voting
  • 2018-10-29T12:00:00.0000000Z
    Monday, October 29, 8:00 AM
  • Volunteer #TakeBackOhio OCSEA 11/2
  • 2018-11-02T15:00:00.0000000Z
    Friday, November 2, 11:00 AM
  • Absentee ballot APPLICATION noon deadline
  • 2018-11-03T12:00:00.0000000Z
    Saturday, November 3, 8:00 AM
  • Volunteer #TakeBackOhio OCSEA 11/3
  • 2018-11-03T14:00:00.0000000Z
    All Locations
    Saturday, November 3, 10:00 AM
  • Volunteer #TakeBackOhio AFL-CIO 11/4
  • 2018-11-04T18:00:00.0000000Z
    All Locations
    Sunday, November 4, 1:00 PM
  • Volunteer #TakeBackOhio OCSEA 11/4
  • 2018-11-04T18:00:00.0000000Z
    390 Worthington Rd.
    Sunday, November 4, 1:00 PM
  • Absentee ballot MAIL deadline
  • 2018-11-05T05:00:00.0000000Z
    Monday, November 5, 12:00 AM
  • Volunteer #TakeBackOhio OCSEA 11/5
  • 2018-11-05T16:00:00.0000000Z
    Monday, November 5, 11:00 AM
  • Hand-delivered absentee ballot deadline
  • 2018-11-06T11:30:00.0000000Z
    Tuesday, November 6, 6:30 AM
  • General Election Day
  • 2018-11-06T11:30:00.0000000Z
    Tuesday, November 6, 6:30 AM