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CD 12: Special Election early vote is underway

Jul 10, 2018, 15:23 PM

A Special Election in Ohio’s Congressional District 12 means Ohio voters in that district have already begun early voting. Early voting for the Aug. 7 Special Election began on July 10.

The race has gotten a lot of national attention and could flip the seat in favor of a Congressional candidate that will protect workers’ rights…for a change. The OCSEA District Grassroots Committee, made up of OCSEA member-activists, endorsed candidate Danny O’Connor for CD 12, who strongly supports unions and their members’ rights to bargain for better wages and working conditions. O’Connor has been endorsed by all three AFSCME affiliates in Ohio as well as the AFL-CIO.

OCSEA members should beware, though. Because there’s such a spotlight on this race, even groups like the National Right to Work Committee, the organization behind the Janus Supreme Court decision, have dipped their toe in the water. They recently sent a letter to voters in CD-12 filled with propaganda supporting Right to Work and asking voters to sign on.

But OCSEA members won’t be fooled. They know these attempts to weaken unions are sponsored and funded by CEOs and their corporate lobbyists who want to lower wages, eliminate our benefits and reduce government services so they can get the private government contracts themselves.

To make sure you’re registered to vote, you can go to the Ohio Secretary of State website and check your voter registration. If you are, you can early vote by mail by requesting a ballot from your local board of elections or in person early vote at the same board location.

No OCSEA dues money is used to support political candidates. Political Action funds raised through voluntary donations are distributed through AFSCME’s PEOPLE program and OCSEA’s political action committee.