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Voters say YES to Issue 1

May 9, 2018, 10:48 AM

On May 8, Ohio voters approved a bipartisan plan to end partisan gerrymandering. The Yes on Issue 1 group posted the following statements, calling it a victory for Ohio voters.

After years of a rigged political system, lawmakers from both sides of the aisle finally put their differences aside and agreed on a fix for Ohio’s gerrymandered, partisan districts. That fix is Issue 1 and was endorsed by everyone: Republicans, Democrats, Independents, Ohio League of Women Voters and even former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. 

At the April meeting, the OCSEA State Board of Director’s endorsed a YES on Issue 1. The action by voters will end the crazy meandering legislative districts that shoot through city suburbs only to slice through country-sides sometimes hundreds of miles away.

Issue 1, albeit not perfect, at least is better than the system Ohio currently has in creating legislative maps. It puts in place a commission that decides when the parties reach an impasse, as well as other steps that must be followed when legislative lines are drawn.

OCSEA Board endorses YES on Issue 1

April 23, 2018 – The OCSEA State Board of Directors has endorsed a YES vote on Issue 1. Issue 1 is a statewide initiative put on the ballot by the Ohio General Assembly. Issue 1 will appear on the May 8 ballot and will make the process of drawing congressional maps more fair. Currently, whoever controls the General Assembly, controls the map-making process for congressional districts. For the last 28 years, Republicans have controlled this process.

If passed, Issue 1 will put steps in place to ensure the process is less partisan, including bringing in an independent commission when the political parties hit an impasse and other steps to ensure both sides are represented and the process isn’t skewed one way. Activists are continuing to collect signatures for another ballot initiative just in case this one doesn’t pass on May 8.

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