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  • Help kick off Labor 2018

    6/21/2018 8:47:21 PM

    Ohio Labor will hold summer days of action to advance pro-worker, pro-union policies up and down the ballot this November.
  • Voters say YES to Issue 1

    5/9/2018 2:48:00 PM

    On May 8, Ohio voters approved a bipartisan plan to end partisan gerrymandering.
  • Primary Election Day

    5/8/2018 3:55:03 PM

    Ohio's Primary Election will take place today, Tuesday, May 8. OCSEAVotes.org has all the resources OCSEA members need as they head to the voting booth.
  • Those behind Janus aim to destroy public services

    3/27/2018 7:52:00 PM

    While we will not know the outcome or the true impact of Janus v. AFSCME Right to Work U.S. Supreme Court case, one thing we do know is that this national attack is part of a greater scheme.