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Anti-worker legislators are at it again. A Right to Work bill for public sector employees has been introduced and the attack is being led by Ohio Rep. John Becker (R-Union Township). Just like Senate Bill 5, this anti-union legislation would undermine the right of Ohio public employees to negotiate for fair pay and benefits, plain and simple.

Now, the full list of cosponsors supporting the dangerous House Bill 583 has been announced. Tell these anti-union Republicans that we already said NO to Right to Work when we defeated SB 5! Let them know they are wasting precious time and resources, and it’s time to focus on building the middle class, not destroying it. All of these legislators are on the ballot this November.

Primary Sponsor
Rep. John Becker
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Call (614) 466-8134
Rep. Niraj J. Antani
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Call (614) 466-6504
Rep. Paul Zeltwanger
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Call (614) 644-6027
Rep. Thomas E. Brinkman, Jr.
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Call (614) 644-6886
Rep. Jim Buchy
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Call (614) 466-6344
Rep. Bill Dean
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Call (614) 466-1470
Rep. Ron Hood
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Call (614) 466-1464
Rep. Kristina Roegner
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Call (614) 466-1177
Rep. Andy Thompson
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Call (614) 644-8728
Rep. A. Nino Vitale
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Call (614) 466-1507
"Right to Work" is wrong! Don't trust it.